“An economic thriller……”

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What the Book Does

  • Explains, in great detail, the science behind the graphics on the front
  • Defines where to find maximum, predictable business success
  • Describes how to pull off effective personal and corporate economic change
  • Shows how areas that we commonly think are safe are actually dangerous economically
  • Defines how business become predictably obsolete and face extinction
  • Categorizes the business world in a new and unique way
  • Explains, in great depth, what new ideas have to overcome to get to market

What the Book is About

In this groundbreaking work on economics and sociology, Garrett Fisher upends our conventional viewpoints on money, markets, and society in general. By taking an innovative approach to the origin of monetary economies, the very nature of what we assume about money is questioned and turned upside down. Further, a system of human motivators that drives our marketplaces is shown to be deeper than economics itself and surprisingly constant.

Imagine, hypothetically, a society without money. What would make it tick? The motivators in an imaginary moneyless society also make our current monetary society tick – it is not obvious to the average person as monetary systems can be confusing. We give money what it wants while it rarely gives us back what we want.

The Human Theory of Everything distills these motivators into a system that is easy to understand. By getting to the root of what precedes monetary transactions, what markets really want is made evident. That, coupled with new insights on personal motivators, allows for higher personal and business success rates by enabling alignment of what a person wishes to accomplish with what the market is willing to pay for.

For wage earners and CEOs alike, this work challenges our perspectives of success and lays out a blueprint of how to achieve maximum market relevance and longevity.